Period Costumes

Period Costumes – A selection from our collection of all periods from ancient to modern times

  • Ancient Britons, Greek & Roman costumes
  • Medieval Knights, Ladies, Gentlemen, Peasants, Wenches, Jesters, Nuns & Monks
  • Tudor and Elizabethan costumes including three Henry VIII’s and his wives
  • King Charles and Nell Gwyn, Samuel Pepys, Ladies & Gentlemen, Male and Female Pirates
  • Napoleon and Josephine, Nelson & Lady Hamilton, Wellington, Male & Female Highwaymen
  • An extensive collection of Ladies’ and Mens’ Victorian & Edwardian costumes
  • 1920s’ Gangsters, Molls and characters from the silent movies
  • Uniforms, day & evening wear from the 1930s and 40s
  • Rock’n’Roll costumes, Teddy Boys and Girls, Pink Ladies and other costumes from the 50s
  • 1960s’ costumes from Mary Quant to the Beatles
  • Probably the largest collection of 70s and 80s hire costumes, footwear, wigs and accessories in the county!